Design Inspired
By What You Imagine*

Here at Harlow. we strive to create pieces that are inspired by exactly what you imagine for your brand! We specialise in graphics, social posts and website site design.

. U-Weigh

U-Weigh are a local company and offer a very niche way to shop! We run their social media accounts, create marketing material for their store and have recently designed them a brand new website

A Few of our Best Projects

With a great team, we have experience with logo design, website development, social media management and more! Often we work with companies on a number of these areas.

Over the years we have worked with many different companies. This gives us the unique opportunity to dive into a variety of industry and equally produce appropriate content for all. 

. UK Euro

UK Euro are a global company who trade in the print industry. We create posts for their social media, email campaigns, and were involved in the developed of their transactional website

. The Friendly Farmers

A completely new industry for us, but thrilling nonetheless. The Friendly Farmers sell bales in bags and offer a variety of different agricultural services. For this company we were involved in the complete creation of the brand, from logo design to their new website and the writing of their blog

Inspired by you.

Only differ in their grammar.

Our Mission

Meditation vinyl-key.

“People that come to us wanting a design often have a problem. And the creations that provide a solution. They are the best designs. “

Madison Harlow. Founder.

We understand how frustrating it is to have a idea, concept and vivid imagination when it comes to your brand, without the necessary skills to put it in place. And thats where we come in! We take pride in getting to know each other and every one of our clients and this is what sets us apart from other design experts. When we understand you we can create pieces that portray your brand in the best way possible


Here at Harlow. we understand that sometimes you just want a quote, and that’d hard to find on a lo

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Recent works*

Disrupt you heard of them green juice.

Cleanse chips

Brand Identity, Web Development

Moon crucifix

Brand Identity, Web Design

Regenart Implify

Web Design, Web Development

Magenti Imperio

Brand Identity, Web Design

Stumptown norm

Web Design, Web Development

Sisqo Premus

Brand Identity, Web Design